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KA: A Culture of Collaboration

After several decades and three generations of ownership, KA Architecture knows that company culture plays a big role in the success of a nationally-recognized architecture firm.

KA promotes a culture of collaboration among our team. From executive members to junior staff, our employees work in close relationship with each other to foster a healthy working environment where everyone contributes and no one is afraid to ask questions.

KA takes culture so seriously that we made it a key factor in the design of our new office. In order to cultivate a positive culture, we created an open work environment with features that such as collaborative work areas and an open kitchen and lounge concept that lead to interaction and open communication between everyone in our office.

Investing in our Employees

When KA looks to add a new employee, we hire people for a career, not a job. We look to invest in those employees and help them grow as professionals in the industry. Our employees have professional goals and work to further their career instead of just coming to work and drafting every day.

We invest in our employees’ futures. From an intern development programs to supplying the funds necessary to pay for architectural registration exams and study materials, KA supports the education and improvement of our staff, leading to bigger and better things within our company.

Our employees gain more than just experience while they’re at KA. They also develop relationships during work, at industry events, and interpersonal events. KA offers a sense of community both inside and outside our walls, leading to friendships that can last a lifetime.

An Architectural Partner for Clients

Our company culture benefits more than just the people at KA. Our dedication to collaboration and investment into our employees has benefitted and will continue to benefit our clients.

We work directly with our clients to help them achieve their goals. Instead of just providing a deliverable at the end of a project, we have an ongoing dialogue throughout a project so that we can better interpret our clients’ needs and provide quality architecture that both our team and our clients can be proud of.

Since we invest in employees with professional goals, our clients work with experts who take pride in their work and strive to create the best possible solutions for their projects.

Collaborate With KA

At KA, we’re always looking toward a new and exciting future. Contact us online about partnering with KA for architecture services your company that will surpass your expectations. If you’re a passionate architecture professional looking for a career with a nationally-recognized firm, check out any current openings at KA.

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