Site Evaluation and Planning Services

Site Evaluation and Planning Services

Finding the right site is a key part of any real restate project. KA helps retail, commercial, office, mixed-use, hospitality and multi-family / senior living clients evaluate the capabilities of a potential or current site as part of the architectural planning process.

KA provides site evaluation and planning services for retail commercial, office, mixed use, hospitality and multi-family / senior living markets clients.

KA’s site evaluation and planning services are as follows:

  • Program Analysis
  • Site Analysis and Selection
  • Site Context
  • Site Development Planning
  • Detailed Site Utilization Studies
  • Parking and Circulation Guidelines
  • Planning and Zoning Analysis

Whether it’s for a new ground up project or a redevelopment, site evaluation and planning services allow our clients to answer important questions about their potential sites, including the overall feasibility of a location. Our clients can then advance into the subsequent design phases with confidence knowing they are on the right path to success.

Premier Site Evaluations with KA

A proper site evaluation requires architecture experts who review every detail that may impact the feasibility of your project. KA has provided quality architecture services on thousands of projects since 1960 and can provide the premier site evaluation services for your business. Contact KA today about site evaluation and planning services for your real estate projects.

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